Brooklyn Marine Recruiter Saves an Assault Victim at Coney Island

27 Jul 2017 | U.S. Marine Corps Story by Sgt. Zachary Scanlon 1st Marine Corps District

Scouring parts of Coney Island and Brooklyn for the next generation Marines is all part of the job for Staff Sergeant Evens Charles. Just like he does every day, he goes out to the community and tries to find the 1% percent of Americans who will earn the title of Marine, but on July 25, 2017, he did more than just that.

Charles, along with two other Marines, were at the Coney Island Community Center and in order to increase their reach they decided to go outside.

While outside, Charles saw two individuals having a verbal altercation. He didn’t think much of at the moment but as he began to go back inside, the assailant reached out and grabbed the young woman by throat and started chocking her. Without hesitation and as involuntary as blinking he rushed into action to stop the horrific act.

“What made me intervene is that I care for people,” stated Charles. “I joined the Marines to help people out when they are in need. So if I see something happen in front of me, I have to do something.”

The assailant didn’t see the Marine recruiter when he reached him, all he saw was the uniform and that was enough to stop him from beating the victim. The assailant tried to escape but Charles was not going to let that happen.

“What do you think you are doing hitting a female and where do you think you are going,” Charles said, as he followed him to ensure he did not get away.
While calling the police on his cellphone and restraining the attacker, he noticed some undercover police officers and waved them over. Once the police was done questioning everyone, they arrested the assailant.

“He exemplified the character expected of America’s 911 force,” said Maj. Brian Williams, commander of Recruiting Station New York. “Our men and women will always have a bias for action in the face of violence and tyranny. I‘m truly proud of the example he set. We uphold our oath to defend against enemies, foreign and domestic. I hope other citizens follow his example.”

With the knowledge that what he did was the right thing, he went on his way. His only hope was to make the community that he serves daily better.
“I believe one single action will have a strong influence in the community. I hope the action I took today will inspire those in the community who saw this and will take action in the future to save those in need,” said Charles.